25 January 2008

New published work (colouring book)

Hello all!
Christmas and the start of the new year has been hectic but lovely, and as usual I am not very good at remembering to update my blog and website. So, I thought I would take the opportunity to post a selection of images from my latest work now fresh-off-the-press. It is a 17-image colouring book that is a companion to a story book (Djurens Andaktsbok by Kristina Reftel). Each image is a character from the short stories in the book. The book and colouring book are for sale here: http://www.argument.se/ -- type in a search: "linn ahlbom" and you'll find the colouring book. The colouring book is aimed at teachers wanting to have a reading session with the class followed up by a colouring-in session (the images are meant to be photocopied and given to the students to colour in).

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Insanity said...

I love these pictures! They're all so cute! My favorites are the snake and the hedgehog. I was searching on people that like "computer art" and was pleasantly surprised to see the magpie in your avatar, since something to do with a magpie was one of my blog name ideas.