29 September 2008

Illustrations for Folkteatern (for the play LYCKA TILL MED ALLT -- translation: "Good Luck With Everything")

Front and back of the programme, plus the "theatre-survival-kit" it came in:

This work (the eight illustrations for the front of the programme) is a considerable detour from my "usual" style to cater for a very specific conceptual idea.

In this case the graphic designer's guidelines (visit her site! http://www.simonea.se/) for how the illustrations were supposed to look came from the in-flight safety instructions you can find on board aeroplanes (as you may have noticed).

It was challenging to find the right tone humour-wise within what is quite a rigid syle. But in the end we all were really pleased with the outcome and we all agreed that it matched the tone of the play.

The theme of the play is "fear" (our fears as humans). The survival-kit-with-programme is given to theatre goers just before the beginning of the play.

If you're in Sweden go see the play:

Here's a review (in swedish):

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