06 May 2009

Blue tongued skink: dipping pen drawing-and-text

Posting an image from my sketchbook. One of a series of images where I have paid attention the the relationship between text and image.

I have also started experimenting working with oil paint which is marvelous fun and I hope to post the results sometime soon.

I am also hoping to figure out how to do art with a positive, celebratory slant on things. If you have any ideas feel free to share them with me. I have been thinking a lot about how art is often a crticism of something -- which is fine -- but I feel like I want to avoid criticising without a solution/example of something better, or even better just celebrate good things already happening. I feel as if it is all too easy to find something in the world that isn't right or open to criticism. It is nice if criticism is weighted more towards a solution, or even better celebrates something good. A nice example of what I think is a good example of "positive" art that really is quite moving is the "Where the Hell is Matt?" video: www.wherethehellismatt.com

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