16 November 2010

New work from my artworker/information design course

I have no idea how to get in a good routine when it comes to updating my blog, but getting a Mac Book Pro was certainly a good move. I am not going to promise frequent updates because I am terrible at them, but if I do manage to keep it up give me a pat on the back and a cookie.

This is a two-day quick packaging project we have had (set monday, due wed morning). The goal was to create packaging for "healthy liquorice candy" for people who are 20-40 and health-conscious, product name "Grön Lakritz" (swedish for green liquorice). Part of the assignment was to take apart existing packaging and reproduce it and how it works (the closing mechanism) and then apply our design on it. We also had to make a digital sketch of our product in an environment. I went for a slightly unusual and exclusive feel for the packaging since I chose the product to be organic. I thought a nice detail would to have a fresh green inside in contrast to the dark outside (the green to the right of my packaging design). The illustration is from Wikimedia commons and, alas, is not mine. There is no time to do a drawing of that level of detail in that short amount of time. I think I would need at least a week to complete the project if I were to illustrate it with that kind of detail (and come up with the idea, sketching takes time too).

The photo is taken by David Joyce (Flickr). Thank you David!

Keep you fingers crossed that I manage to find time to post other stuff that I have been doing here. ;)


sus said...

Looks great! I'd buy it.

Anonymous said...

thanks amigo! great post!.