18 February 2006

Drawings of kids

These two drawings were done as trials for upcoming children's book illustration. A lady who comissions bookcovers was interested to see how I would cope with drawing children. So one thing on my plate of "many-things-to-do" is to draw some children (click on them to enlarge btw) in the hope that I can send off some nice evidence of being able to portray kids being, well, kids. The guy at the top is actually an angry angel though, even if he's still a kid. Oh and the "nää" in swedish is slang for no, and "brum, brum" is basically "vroom" -- car noise in other words.

1 comment:

Hanna said...

I love the nää-guy, he is cute in all his anger.

Just saw your illustration site, lots of beeeautiful drawings! Good luck with the submission and starting a company!