16 February 2006

"Simple" for Illustration Friday

This is my first image after a bit of a break -- I've been a bit bogged down with other stuff to do. I have ideas for the subjects that have been, but I'm not sure that I'll get round to doing them This was the first thing that popped into my mind when I pondered the subject "Simple". It is one of my favorite organisms since it is so simple yet so amazingly complex to be single-celled, and cute too. It is a single-celled organism called Paramecium (commonly found in freshwater eg. ponds) that swims about using it's tiny cilia. It swims pretty fast -- four times it's own length in one second -- wow! It can also reproduce in two ways -- either split into two; "simple division" (binary fission) or join temporarily with another Paramecium and exchange nuclear material; "conjugation". After which they swim away and continue to reproduce by simple division. Anyhow, enough with the Biology lesson. Toodleloo!


Mike Thompson said...

Well, yoou can't get much simpler than that! Nice job!

susan said...

That's an idea I wish I'd had. And I liked the biology lesson too. Thanks.