19 March 2009

Going back to dipping pen

Ahhh today has been a nice but slightly frustrating day. I am completely redoing my homepage and am very excited about applying my hard-earned XHTML and CSS skills. Once I am done my homepage will be a breeze to update *yay*. So what is the frustrating bit you ask? Well if you know anything about HTML and CSS it's the fiddling with positioning and getting the boxes to line up the way you want them to and keeping you div tags in line! One typo somewhere and you have boxes floating all over the place (haha -- yes, pun/in-joke inteneded).

Recently I was browsing the web getting distracted when I stumbled upon Jill Calder's blog (one of my tutors when I studied at the Edinburgh College of Art) and read her excellent interview. Great inspiring stuff for illustrators to read:
(Caps Lock warning: she btw apologises in advance for leaving Caps Lock on by mistake)

About the image I have posted -- I revisited using a dipping pen since I came across it whilest unpacking (yes, our house is still a big mess in boxes). I am also trying some new Photoshop brushes thanks to a setting I hadn't thought of using to it's full capacity before. Quite pleased with the result. Not sure if the person is an angel or just a person -- but I just wanted to try to see if I could get that feeling of stretching out in some quick few strokes.

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