11 March 2007

For my cousin's two sons

These dragons were painted relatively quickly this weekend. They were started upon when watching "Melodifestivalen" - a swedish "popular music" contest (slightly camp, but fun in some ways) - and finished today (Sunday). My cousin provided me with two ready stretched canvases and matching frames. I brought along paintbrushes, black acrylic and gold gouache. It felt great painting "in real life" for a change, and not on the computer. I'd been longing to paint for ages, and my cousin, sly as she is, talked me into doing some. It also felt great doing something for the kids who are possibly my favorite 5/7 year olds around!


Lisa said...

Eeee, awesome dragons! :D
PS Yay for The Ark in Melodifestivalen. ;)

Linn Ahlbom said...

Ooo...thanks! :) Yeah, The Ark winning, that was pretty fun -- let's see how the fare in Finland!