11 March 2007

Business Card Design

Right, so I've decided to post smth so ppl won't think I've dissapeared off the face of the earth. I have been busy busy busy. And with what you may ask? Well, working, having the flu, delivering fruitbaskets and dancing at a celidh (pronounced "kay-lee") in Edinburgh are just a few of the fun things that one fill one's time with...oh and, become a year older (in secret).

Interestingly enough, I have had a spate of business card design...

This is a before-and-after job (small bookeeping/accounting company):

Here's a start-from-scratch job, but with a clear wish from the client to have a "nice entrance" on the card (small building company):

Here's one for a small "Fashion Jewelry design" company. Don't know what fashion jewelry is? Well nor did I -- google it! It's apparently really popular in, for example, Japan...

Inspirational material provided by client:

Final card (patterns hand-drawn in Illustrator, finishing touches in Photoshop):

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