31 March 2007

Just another doggie doodle and a word on copyright

Well, I haven't posted for a while, because I've mostly been doing layout work (not much "pure" illustration work at the moment!)

On the downside, I have started to realise that knowledge of what copyright is and how it applies to images on the web may well be something that is not widely known/understood. So I feel forced to commence placing ugly copyright information on all my images *sigh* such is life. If you are interested in learning more about copyright, I will point you in the direction of "Svenska Tecknare" (the Swedish illustrators society) of which I am a member:


Generally a good rule of thumb is, ask permission before you use an image! Remember that it is the end product of hours and hours of drawing and practice.

On the upside, I thought I'd just post this cute little guy! I think he's a mongrel Westie. I for one, have already had my first outdoor icecream after the long dark winter! Wohoo! it was a yummy Triumf Glass (they have a "wholesale" place near my house -- One big waffle/wafer with 2 scoops: 1 scoop After Eight and 1 scoop Lion. I'd say the Lion ice cream was HEAVENLY... ah, the small joys of life.

Don't get too sunburnt in the spring sunshine, our sun-starved skin needs time to adjust! Bye!

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